geez, another  writer?

Yup. And I get one shot to convince you I’m different from all the others. No pressure or anything.

Why should you short-list me for your writing gig? For starters, you’re still reading. We’re into the second paragraph, and even if you think this is the weirdest professional website you’ve ever stumbled across, you are reading it.

That’s because I know how to do my job. Namely, write copy that draws the reader in. Right now that’s you, and here we are. Paragraph three.

Like any writer worth their salt, I can meet deadlines, produce attention-grabbing copy, conduct interviews, and put a creative spin on practically any topic. My niche lies in perfectly capturing the tone your project requires—casual, formal, technical, persuasive, humorous, or even irreverent. Tell me what you want to accomplish, and I’ll deliver the copy to get you there.

Easy enough, right?

And if you’d like more information about rates, delivery, copyright, or my satisfaction guarantee, you can find all that good stuff on my Rates & Info page.

All that’s left is for you to contact me and give me the scoop on your project. Let’s get this thing going.