Flash Fiction
Flash fiction is a funky thing.

When I first encountered it, I thought it was little more than the fodder of would-be writers short on inspiration. Writer’s block? Think you can crank out 300 words? Great, we’ll call that ‘flash fiction’. Now you can feel like you produced a complete work.

But flash fiction is more than that. A lot more.

In fact, there is a very real art to it. How do you condense meaning, character development, plot, and all the other stuff that makes a story a story into such a short amount of space? How do you draw the reader in? How do you come to any kind of real closure?

It’s not easy, I can tell you that. It is, however, great fun. I find it challenging, interesting and engaging.

It’s also a wildly efficient way to learn about writing. If you take flash fiction seriously, you’re going to grow as a writer.

I encourage all writers, seasoned or just starting out, to give flash fiction a try. There are flash fiction prompts all over the internet. Seriously, just do a Google search. Or you can look at one of my prompt-based flash fiction posts and follow the link to the source.

Ready to read some flash fiction? You can find my stories here.