the nine

The Nine

I’m making a change. It’s huge and kind of no big deal at the same time.

For years, my Tuesday (or Wednesday, if I’m running behind…like this week) post has been tagged “writing” and has been specific to the craft of the written word. I’ve explored the challenges, rewards, methods, obstacles, themes and practicalities of writing, often pulling from my own experience. I love those posts.

But two things occurred to me recently.

One, writing is only one of many creative endeavors. While the specific challenges of sculpting or graphic design might be notable, most of what I say about writing would apply to these, as well as every other kind of artistic expression under the sun and stars.

All art has meaning. All art has a message. And all artists need encouragement, and the occasional kick in the ass.

Two, I want to encourage, challenge, inspire and maybe even enlighten as many kinds of artists as I can. Not just writers.

So from this week on, I’ll be shifting the focus of these articles just slightly. There will still be plenty of stuff about writing, but I’m going to try to broaden my scope, as well.

And, of course, it won’t do to merely tag these posts with “writing,” so I’m introducing a new tag: “the nine.”

If you like puzzles, take a stab at working out what the nine might have to do with inspiration. If not, you can read up on the new tag’s meaning here.

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