never stop


Automation is great. When it works.

For example, I often write my ‘On Writing’ posts ahead of time, knocking ‘em out in chucks of 4-6 in one sitting. I then schedule them to post weekly on Tuesdays. (I never do the same with my fiction. That I write in real time each week.)

It’s a near-flawless system…until something happens like this week. We got to the end of my scheduled posts and I didn’t even notice. So Tuesday came and went with nothing showing up here.

All my readers were heartbroken. Both of them.

When it comes to writing, there are all kinds of nifty tools and tricks. Technology has made many facets of writing easier.

For example, I can’t spell to save my life. If I had to work with a typewriter, even a single paragraph would be painful. I rely on that little jagged red line.

But all the techno tricks in the book can only take you so far. You can have the perfect work space, the premier software, the very best website design, kick-ass internet speed, and gallons of coffee to fuel your fingers, but you still have to pound out the words.

There’s no getting around it. Writing requires writing.

So, with apologies, this is the post that should have shown up on Tuesday. Lesson learned. Or relearned.

Never stop writing.

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