Inconvenient Adventure

On Friday, I posted a story.

On Saturday, it was gone.

Completely gone. Vanished. Missing. Very nearly without a trace. It was as though someone or something had simply wiped it from my site.

I don’t know where it went. My hosting service doesn’t know where it went. There were no server errors. No downtime. It just…left.

When I discovered this, I was fairly upset. I liked that story. It was the second installment in a series. I can remember a lot of what was in it, but I don’t know that I can capture the same tone. The conversations, if I try to mimic the originals, will likely sound off. Plus, it was something of mine.

It felt like a friend I’d only just met moved away without a trace.

I cycled through a couple of emotions — grief, sadness and anger were at the forefront — and then I realized it was truly no big deal. It’s a setback, yes, but maybe my next version will be better than the first. Maybe it will go off in a different direction. Maybe Violet took one look at that story and thought, “Oh, no. This won’t do…” and this whole situation is one of her schemes for the sake of the story.

If so, whatever comes next will be better.

And why shouldn’t I believe that? No matter what caused the technological hiccup, whatever I write in its placeĀ will be better.

In writing, you can think of the things that don’t go your way as inconveniences. Or you can cast them as adventures. One leads to heartache. The other, to discovery.

The choice is yours.


  1. Charles Arthur

    I have a notification email with the full text. I don’t want to ask you to give your email here, but if there’s some way I can send it to you, I’d be glad to.


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