spend it all

It’s tempting, especially when I’m writing something for this blog, to hold back. When I come up with a sentence I really like, one I feel is well crafted and interesting and really grabby, there are times I think I should tuck that one away and save it for a book or something I’m at least getting paid for. You know, for some day when I’m famous.

But here’s Annie telling me not to do that. Don’t save those little gems, she says. Spend it all right now. All of it.

She’s right. Writing is like starting a long distance race the wrong way–you run full-bore, all-out, all the time. Don’t hold back. There will be other good sentences, other clever phrases. You’ll be witty and smart again. When you sit down to write, pour your whole self into it. Give it everything you have every time.

Spend it all.

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