beauty and pain

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”

– Bob Dylan

For me, writing is more fun than…well…not writing.

When I get into a flow it’s like runner’s high. I feel no pain. The emotional endorphins have kicked in and I’m just cruising. My fingers are barely touching the keyboard. My mind is on fire…in a good way. I feel like I’m channeling something (“Uh-hem,” says Vye). Each word, each sentence spills out before me. I’m just a vessel. The story wants  to be told. I’m little more than the lucky sonofabitch who was chosen as the messenger.

But that is not all the time.

Sometimes I agonize while writing–over the content, over the story arch, over character development and plot points. Sometimes I can’t find the words. At those moments I feel like a blind man groping around on the ground for something, anything, that has solid form. Something I recognize, but there is nothing there. And sometimes, as a writer who ventures to dark territory, I have to scare myself (or work through my own fears, pain and failures) to bring the story to the page.

In short, writing is fun, but it is most definitely work. You should enjoy it most of the time, but if you’re doing it “right” there should also be moments of pain mixed in.

One guy’s opinion. Feel free to disagree.

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