good news

The prologue is done.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound like awesome news. The prologue is merely the first 1500 words of the book. But here’s the thing–I got 26,000 words in and realized, after a very nice but very honest friend pointed it out, that my main character was severely flawed. Entirely unbelievable. In need of some substantial changes.

So I had to scrap that draft (draft 0.5?) and start again. In the midst of starting again, I needed to address some basics in the prologue as well. It’s the foundation of the entire story and provides my main character with her primary motive, at least in the beginning. Big stuff.

But rewriting it was killing me. I couldn’t seem to iron out all the kinks and it was driving me nuts.

What I have now is not the final draft of the prologue, but a workable beginning. It’s a foundation…of the foundation. (The building metaphor clearly breaks apart at that point.) I had to get through it, though, to get on with the re-write of the rest of the first third of the book so that I can write the last two-thirds.

Truly, it’s good news. I’m happy. Vye is happy. We’re pushing forward.

Happy Monday.


  1. That is good news.

    Power through that sucker and get it written.

    Best of luck.

    Scratch that. Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s one part imagination and five parts determination. So in that case.

    Best of determination!

      1. Do I ever know that feeling. No one pressures or criticizes me like I do. I’m almost not afraid of what other people might say reading my stories. I’ve probably already thought of worse already. Glad to know I’m not adding to it for you though 😀


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