1. dex Author

    Hey, Amy. As a matter of fact, yes I am and I intend (aren’t intentions great?) to get back to my blogging soon. I miss it, and the 500 club. And, a few of my friends who actually read my blog have been encouraging/bugging me to get back at it.

    But, in further answer to your original question, I have been working on (and submitted last week) a story for a contest hosted by Io9. A bit outside the scope of what I am typically drawn to write about, but (I think) my best short story yet. I don’t know that I’ll actually win (that was be oh-so cool), but it was a great experience regardless.

    Thanks for asking about me. I have, believe it or not, continued to read your and others’ writing blogs, even in my silence. You guys are quite encouraging. Thanks for that.


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