3 weeks

During my hiatus from writing, I’ve learned 4 things:

1. Writing has a lot to do with momentum. Lose yours, and it’s work to get it back. If you don’t do that work—if you just sit around waiting for writer’s block to pass and the urge to write to strike you—you’ll discover that objects not in motion tend to stay not in motion.

2. Staying out late drinking with friends on a weeknight sounds like fun because it is fun. Unfortunately, without a weekend morning on which to recover via sleeping late and McDonald’s magical sausage egg and cheese biscuits, it tends to throw off your whole week. You end up tired and sluggish for the next 2-3 days. You don’t work out. You don’t write. You don’t do any more than you have to to get by because, frankly, you don’t have the energy.

3. Even though #2 is true, sometimes it’s good for the soul to stay out late with friends drinking on a weeknight. Hell, you can even have a few cigs.

4. The best reason to write, the very best reason, is because you want to.

A friend was asking me about writing about a week ago and I was explaining all the reasons (read: excuses) why I wasn’t even though, gosh darn it, I really, really want to, when he asked me a simple question: who do you write for? I talked about how I have stories worth telling and how I would very much like to be published. It would be amazing, I explained, to make a living doing something like writing. He stopped me.

“You don’t understand what I’m asking,” he said. “If you had the choice to write a mediocre novel that you knew would sell well and allow you to make a living writing, or to write a novel you are totally satisfied with, one you, yourself, enjoy reading, but which will never be published, which would you choose?”

I picked money and fame, of course.


I would much rather write something I’m proud of. Fuck getting published. I mean, it would be cool, but really, it’s not the goal. Who cares about that? I would rather do my characters justice and have a good time writing my story than to agonize over the marketability of whatever I produce. So I’m looking forward to this week’s 500 Club and I’m planning to make a real comeback to writing for this blog and for myself, plugging away at the book.

Because it will be fun.


  1. oh wow, do i ever relate to this, as i just pulled a late night beer and cig fest last night. luckily for me, my beer buddy is also my first reader, so we end up talking about whatever i am working on and it really helps my creative process sort itself out.

    and yeah, i do think writing is like working out or anything else good for you, in that it is easy to keep momentum once you have it, but if you fall off the horse it takes a lot more effort to get back on.

    good luck karate chopping the block.

    1. dex Author

      Thanks, Amy. I actually gave credit to you and the PLC crew for being a major motivating force, too. It’s been years…entirely too long…since I’ve been in contact with other writers regularly. Even via the web, it makes a big difference.


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