thoughts about truth

I’ve written before about my impressions of the truth. The truth is rarely cuddly. It’s often hard to speak and hard to hear. It’s a slippery devil, making it horrifyingly easy to mistake personal bias for truth. But when you hear it, if you’re open to it—and that’s one hell of an if—you know it immediately.

Truth is funny that way. It’s self evident to those who want to find it. To those who simply want what they think to be true, truth is the unicorn of the mind. A mystical, magic beast they endlessly hope to see, but never seem to manage a clear view of. At best, they see her hind-quarters occasionally through the trees as she runs from them, frightened of their hunter-like ways as they tread noisily through the forest.

And really, that’s not all that different from catching a glimpse of a horse’s ass.

Truth can’t be made to fit into your impressions of what it should be. It just is. Either you accept it for what it is or you don’t. There is no middle ground. None at all. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

No human has mastered the truth. As profound and irresistible as the truth is when you see it and know it, as available as it is for those who seek it, as simple as it is for the humble to uncover it, it is a vulnerable thing. It’s so easy to super-impose your own impressions over it. It takes incredible diligence to allow it to just be without trying to make it into something more convenient for you.

I love the truth and the truth scares the hell out of me. I try to speak it as often as I can, but my own ego often gets in the way, cluttering my mind and making a mockery of the truth I claim to be speaking. I attempt to deliver the truth gently to the people in my life I love and end up smashing them over the head with it, my message far more harsh than I meant it to be.

Truth is tough.

And still, truth is the only real thing out there. Simple truths are the sweetest, most beautiful, wonderful things in the world. Complex truths will make you shake to the center of your being. Truth is genuinely awe inspiring. Compelling. Frightening. Motivating. Paralyzing. Binding. And earth-shattering.

It’s a hell of a thing.


  1. Truth can be an elusive beast, this much is true; however, truthfulness is something that we “do” each and every day. Yes, truth can be external to us, but I am not sure if externality unequivocally means stasis. The external nature of truth probes its way into our material world: interstices of truth, even if we can’t grasp it — thus, we love, even desire, to “do” truth because we sense that it is near…

    We expect journalist’s to tell the truth, and when we are in court we have to be “sworn in.” In a postcolonial era, truth has taken a lot of hits — and the way religion and state has manipulated, warped it, it is understandable, perhaps — but we still are nevertheless in the business of doing truth all the time; no getting rid of it!


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