the first one

The first post of a new blog.

I’ve blogged before, so this is not my first first post. It’s easy to feel like this should be an iconic post, one that sets the stage for the tenor and nature of the entire blog. Something that will make readers want to come back. Something that makes a Statement.

But the truth is, this blog is brand-spanking-new. No one is reading this post. No one. The only people to come across this post will be people who typed the wrong IP address or die hard fans (long after I’ve made it big, naturally) who want to know what the first thing, the very first thing I published on my own personal blog was. And really, those fans will be happy just to have found the post. They don’t care what it says. And neither does anyone else.

It’s the first post, yes, but there is no pressure at all here. I don’t have to wow you or impress you…because there probably is no “you”. It’s just me, pounding away on my keyboard and posting to the entire world, hoping that after enough pounding and enough posts, there will be people who come here, who read this and who may even wonder what the first post was about.

Well, my curious reader, this is it. There isn’t much to it. I’m sorry to disappoint. But you have to start somewhere, right?


  1. How wrong you are, dear Dex. I am reading this post. I read this post when it was the only post you had up. I only failed to comment previously because my should-be-blonde self didn’t see the “leave a comment” link at the TOP of the entry. Nope. I searched for it near the END of the post, and was saddened that I could not reply. (Such is Emie, huh? lol)

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this post. Even with all your “there is nothing to read here” babble, this post is so entirely…you. Your tone, your wit. It’s all there. Hidden beneath the simplicity of the introduction.

    I’m excited to be one of the first and original fan-girls of one of the great upcoming authors of our time. Write on Dex, write on.

    Much love. <3


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